Milligan White Family History

Banks Family

Recollections by Hilda Mabel (White) Milligan

granpa-banks“Alfred Banks (1828 – c. 1902) was the father of Elizabeth Kate Banks. He was a commercial traveller and was killed by a train while cutting through the railway yards on his way home from work at the age of 72. Grandma Banks visited the Butterworths on Tottenham Court Road. Mother (Kate E. Butterworth) remembered her as a little old lady who wore a lace cap and carried a reticule (drawstring bag) in which she carried sweets (candies) which she treated them to. She was about 50 years of age. At the time my grandmother (Elizabeth Kate Butterworth, nee Banks) was widowed, her mother Grandma Banks (Catherine Dixon Draper) had died. Granny went to live with her father Grandpa Banks, taking with her Mabel, her youngest girl, about two years of age, while she took a course in nursing. At the death of Grandpa Banks the second wife had cleared everything out of the house but my Grand­mother did get the family Bible. Unfortunately at the death of my Grandmother, although Mother (Kate Elizabeth White, nee Butterworth) sent money to have the Bible sent to her, nothing was ever heard of what happened to it. Grandfather (her second husband) George Selfe’s family probably got everything.”

The website states that Alfred Banks was born in 1828 in Birmingham, Warwickshire. He and Catherine Dixon Draper were married November 10, 1850. Their first child, Elizabeth Kate Banks, was born August 21, 1851. For more information about the Banks children other than Elizabeth Kate, see this very detailed website by Ian and Colin Cairns (on the website, see Banks under the letter “B”).

In the 1891 Census, Alfred Banks, his daughter Elizabeth Kate Butterworth, son, Alfred Banks, and two granddaughters (Kate Elizabeth Butterworth,  and her sister Annie) are living at 17 Digby Road, South Hornsey, Middlesex. The following photograph is of Elizabeth Kate Banks Butterworth.  If you compare it to the photograph of Kate Elizabeth Butterworth under the Butterworth page, I think you can see a strong family resemblance. elizkate_banks_butterworth72

In the 1901 Census, Alfred Banks, age 73 and son Alfred Banks, age 43, plus Minnie Carr, age 30, widowed servant, are living at 17 Digby Road, South Hornsey, Middlesex. A definite death date for Alfred Banks has not been determined.  There is some evidence that he might have remarried and his second wife might have been the aforementioned Minnie Carr.