Hewitts- Sturgeon Settlement

Hewitts- Sturgeon Settlement

Mary Anne Brindley Hewitt c. 1844-1902

This photo is from Ernest Brown Portrait Series 2. It is the same as a photo of a photo taken by Geoff Milligan, son of Jack Milligan and Hilda White Milligan. We haven’t found the accompanying photo of Benjamin Hewitt (1843-1901), shown in the set of contact prints on the right. The contact print sheet also shows Jack Milligan (1908-1977) sorry Dad, you’re upside down, Jack’s University of Alberta grad ’29 class, John Milligan 1871-1952 (Grandad Milligan) with buckets of berries, and an upside-down photo of Louisa Jane Bryer and two little boys, probably Geoff and Joe Milligan. Somewhere these originals exist.

The PAA has a binder of the Ernest Brown series by last name and very seldom, further information. The Ernest Brown studio was a huge repository and it takes time to find things.

This might be one of Mary Anne and Benjamin’s sons. It is probably not William Hewitt who died in 1893.

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